Last Tuesday, yin met yang, fire met ice, and day met night at the First 2020 Presidential Debate. President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden met on stage at the Samson Pavilion for a spirited debate. What normally was a function designed to exchange ideas quickly became a venue to trade blows. The moderator, FOX Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, acted more as a boxing referee, oftentimes having to intervene in Trump and Biden’s nearly constant bickering. 

The night began with President Trump and his opponent discussing Healthcare and COVID, but it didn’t take long for the conversation to detail when Biden began blaming Trump for COVID and its devastating effects, despite the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci lauded Trump’s efforts to curb the deadly disease, a point President Trump brought up repeatedly during the course of the Debate. It seemed, in fact, that Biden’s entire Debate strategy was to blame Trump for everything wrong with America in 2020, at least during the rare moments when the addled, decrepit Democratic nominee wasn’t tripping over his own words. As the night progressed, Biden’s professionalism somehow slipped further, calling the President a “clown,” a “racist”, and repeatedly told Trump to “Shut up.” The irony of Biden calling President Trump a racist is so thick, you’d need a knife to cut it, especially coming from the very man who wrote the 1991 Crime Bill that disproportionately targeted minorities and who called black people “Super-predators.” Trump ensured Biden’s actions and words came back to haunt him on Tuesday by repeatedly bringing up the “Super-predator” remarks. President Trump also probably could have stood to be a tad more professional in his conduct during the debate, but the name-calling definitely came from Joe Biden’s side of the debate stage, while Trump seemed to be more interested in policy as opposed to personality.

As with his reputation and his record, Biden also had to defend his own stances on issues like Law Enforcement and the Green New Deal, neither of which he did well. Biden, (with plenty of help from the President) unintentionally revealed his lack of support from law enforcement, and accidentally defended the Green New Deal, after saying he was not a supporter of said policy. Chris Wallace struggled to maintain control of the debates to the point where the Debate came to an abrupt end, sans closing statements. 

After battling Biden’s inept debate performance, President Trump began a battle with COVID-19, being admitted to Walter Reed Hospital until Sunday, when he emerged from the hospital and returned to duties as uual. 
The raucous debate wasn’t the only high profile political battle last week, though. On Saturday, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled against Michigan’s Democrat Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, judging that her extensions of Michigan’s State of Emergency after April 12 were unconstitutional, ending her lockdown and nullifying her executive orders. Last week was a week of battles in a year of conflict. November should be interesting.

-Jay Tompkins
G1NBC News