Entrepreneur. CPA. Job Creator. Finance Expert. Election Reform Advocate. Real Detroiter.

Tom was born in Detroit at the old Negro Kirwood Hospital on East Kirby and John R and was raised on at Kercheval and Hurlbut. He loves Detroit and still lives on the city’s eastside off of Jefferson just blocks from his childhood home.

Tom was the first in his family to go to college where he graduated from Detroit’s Wayne State University with a degree in Accounting and where he continued to receive his Masters degree in Finance and went on to become a Certified Public Account (CPA). A Real Detroiter and has owned his own business for decades.

Tom has spent more than two decades demanding and fighting for the change Detroiters and Detroit Neighborhoods cry out for.

It was Tom who found and exposed the massive breakdowns and irregularities and problems in the city’s election system long before the state and the city’s officials accepted that we had problems and Detroiter voters had lost confidence in the system.

Tom Barrow was the first to bravely declare that the city’s bankruptcy was phony and had been “Contrived” by Lansing Republicans to loot city assets, steal promised city pensions, and take the city’s jewels like Belle Isle, the Water System, Eastern Market and the Art Institute etc.

It was Tom Barrow who kicked Mike Duggan off of the ballot because he was barely in Detroit which forced a controversial suspicious write-in campaign financed by Republicans and billionaires designed to take control our city.

It was Tom Barrow who made Mike Duggan give Dan Gilbert back his illegal campaign contribution money because it had violated Michigan campaign finance laws and the city’s charter against casino money in elections.

It is Tom Barrow who has declared

We want our stuff. Only a Real Detroiter can take it back.